Sulha Solutions is a leading provider of online dispute resolution services for Muslims in Canada and across the world. We provide  proficient, efficient and contingent solutions to help resolve your disputes.

Our Services


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process designed to help you work out solutions and reach a settlement in a collabrative way to minimize legal costs and avoid going to court.


Med-Arb combines the best aspects of mediation and arbitration in an innovative stand-alone process providing a definitive outcome for the parties and is worth considering in almost any type of dispute.


Arbitration is a binding private and customized dispute resolution process that results in an enforceable decision, (Award), by your choice of decision maker, (the Arbitrator), in a more informal and flexible method compared to court.

Conflict Management Consulting

Conflict Management Consulting for individuals helps them better understand the complexity of their dispute so they can obtain experienced advice and develop the necessary conflict management skills that will guide them.

Conflict Management Consulting for businesses and organizations equips them with the critical knowledge and skills to develop conflict resolution policies within their businesses and organizations so they can avoid and resolve their conflicts internally in a confidential manner.

Online Dispute Resolution Training

Our Virtual training in Online Dispute Resolution for Muslim Leaders across the world enables influential leaders and scholars to develop their skills and experience in Meditation, Arbitration, Med-Arb and Conflict Management.

Practice Areas

Resolving Financial & Business Disputes

We serve clients globally in collecting outstanding unpaid invoices, loan repayments, resolving disputed business transactions, contractual disputes, lease renewals and partner and shareholder disputes.

Resolving Family & Estate Disputes

We have successfully helped countless Muslim couples and families across the world resolve their family and estate disputes during mediations and arbitrations.

Avoiding & Resolving Organisational Disputes

Disputes in our organizations are very common and unhealthy for the organisations and the wider community. We create ADR policies and currently advise several Mosques and Islamic institutions across the globe to help resolve conflicts between trustees, shura members and their employees.

Our People

Founder & President

Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain is a highly skilled and globally renowned Imam, Islamic Scholar, Mediator & Arbitrator. He has successfully resolved complex disputes globally over the past decade, specializing in disputes within charitable and religious organizations. Ibrahim founded Sulha Solutions, the world’s first Muslim Global Online Dispute Resolution Organization with a vision to spread peace and conciliation among our Muslim Communities globally.

He is the first Faith Leader, Imam and Islamic Scholar across the world to be awarded the MCIArb designation from The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the world’s leading qualifications and professional body for dispute avoidance, management and resolution. He regularly mediates and arbitrates for the Muslim Community globally, and also advises charitable and nonprofit organizations of all faiths in conflict management across the world.

Ibrahim obtained certification in Mediation from MDR Associates, certification in Med-Arb & ODR from the ADR Institute of Canada, (ADRIC). He has also successfully obtained certification in Advanced Conflict Management from the University of Waterloo, and certification in Commercial Arbitration from the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society, (TCAS).

Ibrahim is a Faculty Member of the Canadian Collaborative for Engagement and Conflict Management, where he delivers specialist conflict management training for Faith Leaders. He is passionate about empowering and training Faith Leaders across the world in Alternative Dispute Resolution. He presented a special session at the 2021 Parliament of World Religions Conference for faith leaders during which, he encouraged them to embrace online dispute resolution in order to build healthier congregations and societies globally.

Senior Mediator & Arbitrator

Salwa Saad Khairallah is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and comes from the shipping industry with 23 years of experience, spent within the commercial, HR, insurance and claims departments.
Salwa has completed a number of arbitration courses with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London, ending up with the Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration at Kebble College, Oxford. She has also obtained a postgraduate Diploma in International Commercial Mediation from Queen Mary University of London and is a trained and accredited mediator by CEDR, (Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution), London. She has also completed the advanced training in negotiation with CEDR, from whom she obtained the negotiation accreditation.
Salwa is trained in maritime arbitration and is a supporting member of the LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators Association), and is presently a member of the CIArb presidential mediation panel.

Salwa possesses a LLM (with Merit) in International Dispute Resolution, from Queen Mary University of London. She is a visiting speaker and lecturer at several international universities in the topics of ADR, cross-cultural communication and ethics and strategies in decision-making.

She is a managing partner of Consultancy Center, Beirut that provides consultancy and ADR services.

She speaks fluently in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Her mediation experience varies between commercial, maritime and family disputes. Salwa is looking forward to assisting our clients globally in resolving their commercial and family disputes.

Head of International Arbitration

Syed Mustafa Mahdi is one of the worlds leading Muslim Arbitrators, and is a fellow of the Chartered of Arbitrators, (CIArb), the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators, (MIArb), the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand, (AMINZ), and the Utatuzi Centre in Kenya. He practices international arbitration globally and brings over 10 years of professional experience and specializes in corporate, commercial, litigation, aviation, arbitration, financial markets and cross-border transactions to which he brings a commercial, pragmatic and organized approach with a depth of experience and knowledge.

Syed is regarded by his peers as one of the prominent and accomplished attorneys in this field. Syed is known for his formidable legal intellect, his excellent skills in advocacy and his impeccable presentation style. Syed possesses an innate ability to delve straight to the heart of any matter and offer simple yet effective advice that will best serve a client’s interest and lead to the best outcome possible. As a reflection of his expertise, Syed qualified as Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, (“FCIArb”), and is one the youngest arbitrators to have achieved this enviable and distinguished title in Pakistan. He has also been accepted and empaneled as an Arbitrator and Mediator with Asian International Arbitration Centre, (AIAC). Syed has also been accepted and empaneled as an International Accredited Professional Mediator, (IAPM) with the Mainland- Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center, (MHJMC), and the International Dispute Resolution & Risk Management Institute, (IDRRMI). Respectively, Syed was also invited at the 8th Judicial Conference (2018) under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, where he presented his paper on Corruption of Arbitration Awards. Syed has been awarded as the “Best Full Service Arbitration Specialist- Pakistan”, by APAC Inside Legal Awards in 2019, and the “Corporate Arbitrator of the Year 2018- Pakistan” by Acquisition International Magazine (UK). Furthermore, Syed is also engaged as a Lecturer of Law (Visiting) at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law (SZABUL) where he specializes in teaching Alternate Dispute Resolution and the Law of Contracts.

Syed completed his Masters of Law degree from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, and completed his MBA at the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology in Pakistan.
He is the founder, lead counsel and Arbitrator and Mediator at Syed Mahdi Chambers in Pakistan, founder of the Pakistan Chapter of the Energy Related Arbitration Practitioners, (ENERAP), and a director and founding member of the Pakistan Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, (CIArb).

Syed is looking forward to leading and heading our international arbitration services.

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