About Sulha Solutions

At Sulha Solutions, we provide an effective Islamic approach to dispute resolution in Canada, integrating traditional Islamic Sulha practise with Canadian mediation techniques.

The term Sulha derives from the word “صلح”, meaning “peacemaking” or “reconciliation” in the Arabic language. This traditional Islamic method for resolving conflicts has its historical roots in Islam and is commanded by Allah Almighty in The Holy Quran; and generations have passed the practice down over thousands of years. Sulha has endured primarily because it is based on authentic Quranic, Prophetic and Islamic principles and its practice continues to prove to be a successful mechanism in resolving disputes in Muslim Circles. “And peacemaking is better!” (Quran, 4:128)

We provide Sulha Solutions in Canada to reinforce respect, and reconciliation among feuding Muslim community members and to redress injustices and resolve conflicts between individuals, families and organizations so disputes amongst Muslims in Canada can be resolved fairly without the need of expensive litigation and lengthy court proceedings!

We are proud to be a sustaining corporate member of the ADR Institute of Canada!

Marital Disputes

We have helped numerous Muslim couples in Canada resolve their marital disputes and have successfully helped save couples, hundreds of thousands of dollars of litigation and divorce costs. Call or email our office immediately to resolve your marital dispute today!

Financial Disputes

We have helped several businesses and professionals in Canada in cases such as chasing and obtaining large funds for unpaid invoices, securing outstanding major loan repayments and addressing and resolving problematic business agreements, transactions and partner disputes.

We can save you thousands of dollars of legal fees and years of waiting time by resolving your financial dispute in a very timely and cost-effective manner. Call or email our office today!

Organizational Disputes

Disputes in our organizations are very common and unhealthy for the organisations and the wider community. We have successfully helped Mosques, Charities and Islamic movements resolve conflicts between trustees, directors, board members and employees to prevent organizations from partaking in lengthy and costly litigation. We have also resolved matters prior to trials. Please call or email us immediately if you require our help and assistance!

Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Effective.

We have been resolving conflicts in the Muslim Community for almost a decade across Canada.

From saving marriages through mediating and arbitrating in family wars, to resolving financial disputes, to peacemaking in organizational disputes and rectifying matters fairly.

It is now due to the increased needs of Sulha in Canada that we felt that it is important for us to establish a service that can help Muslims in Canada resolve conflicts outside of The Courts!

Meet Our Founder and Chief Imam

Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain is a highly respected Imam, Islamic Scholar, and Trained Mediator in Canada who has extensively served the Muslim Community across Canada and has helped hundreds of Muslims over the span of almost a decade now in resolving their major disputes and conflicts.

He has advised the Faculty of Law at The University of Toronto on Islamic legal issues and  advises leading legal professionals in marital disputes and has helped resolve major financial disputes, marital disputes, family conflicts and organizational disputes across Canada. He has formulated a team of Muslim Dispute Resolution Specialists in Canada to serve the community!

Our Mission & Purpose

"To provide counselling services for Canadian Muslims in distress, and offer peacemaking advice and solutions to Canadian Muslims, to help resolve conflicts via peacemaking through the Islamic practice of "sulha", (i.e., peacemaking as a form of mediation and dispute resolution that is encouraged in the Holy Quran"